About me

About me

Hello lovely.

You’ve stumbled across my blog! I couldn’t be happier to have you here. (Did you bring snacks? Sharing’s caring)

I’m Carly *waves*, a 20-something blogger and social media executive, and this right here be my little corner of the internet.

I can’t quite believe it, but Allelovely is now over 4 years old. I launched her in October 2013 as a beauty blog when I ventured into the world as a professional turd polisher (that’s makeup artist to you)

Whilst makeup is great and all, (and truly, it really is one of the greatest inventions) turns out the industry wasn’t for me, nor was writing blog posts solely on the latest contouring product to give you sharper cheekbones than Cillian Murphy. Although I did win an award for it! Hello second place at the UK Blog Awards.

Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.

It’s just that… I felt I had more to give.

Us bloggers, we have such amazing platforms with the ability to reach and influence thousands of people. I wanted to do something more fulfilling with mine.

I’m big on self-care. I’m the friend that everyone comes to when they need a bit of fixing, shoulder-crying or just to have a big ol’ cuddle. I’m really proud of that. So I decided to bring some of that to the t’internet.

Therefore, Allelovely is now a place that I hope you can come to when you’re just feeling a little bit shit. The world can be a cruel place which can lead to a lot of self-analysis, so I hope within my posts you’ll find inspiration, motivation and a smile by the end of them.

You’ll find a full range of wellness and lifestyle posts, advice, healthy recipes, the most stunning places to escape to in order to recoup and everything in between. If I can help just one person to feel a bit better about themselves… Well, there’s no feeling like it.

Launch into something beautiful, darlings ➳ If you feel good, then you’ll look good, and you’ll do good.

Let’s all aspire to inspire.